Top 10 RPO Companies in India

Home The top 10 and the best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies in India are given as follows: 1. Syban India Syban India is considered to be one of the best RPO companies in India, as well it holds the number one position in the RPO companies list. They have more than 16 years of experience […]

Difference Between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition?

Home Most of us may think that the terms Recruitment and Talent Acquisition are same. But, in reality, they both differ in their own ways. Recruitment is the process of selection of the candidates for the vacant position in a company. Recruitment may be done by internal or external sources. Whereas, the term Talent Acquisition […]

What are the Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Home Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm is a workforce provider solution firm that helps the Organization to recruit qualified employees. Most of the times, the RPO may involve in the process of talent acquisition rather than simply recruiting the employees. 10 Key Benefits of Recruitment Process Organization RPO firms may be helpful to the Organization in […]

What are the 5 stages of the Recruitment Process?

Home The Recruitment Process Recruitment refers to the process in which the Organization undertakes step to find new employees for the vacant positions in their Organization. They usually make this process happened with the help of the Human Resource Department. According to Edwin Flippo, “Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating […]