Difference Between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition?

Most of us may think that the terms Recruitment and Talent Acquisition are same. But, in reality, they both differ in their own ways. Recruitment is the process of selection of the candidates for the vacant position in a company. Recruitment may be done by internal or external sources. Whereas, the term Talent Acquisition is an activity which involves the selection of the candidates for the required vacancies with huge care is given on the skills and the talents possessed by the applied candidates.

Recruitment Vs Talent Acquisition

Recruitment refers to the activity of selecting the candidates to fill out the vacancies in the Organisation.

Talent acquisition refers to the activity of actively recruiting the candidates specifically based on their skills.

Duration Of the Process

Recruitment of employees do not focuses on long period. So it follows very short term and quick process.

Talent Acquisition always focuses on the long term goals and needs so they need much attention and concentration to recruit the employees so that, it requires huge process for recruiting.

Importance to Skills

As, the main motto of recruitment is to employ some candidates into the vacant position, the necessity of skills is not at all concerned to great extent.

But, talent acquisition is meant to employ candidates who possesses higher skills and who are very much suitable to be in that vacant position. So, the skills are highly concentrated in the talent acquisition process.

Focuses On

The Recruitment focuses only on the short term needs for the vacancy in the Organisation.

Whereas, the process of talent acquisition always focuses on the long term goals and needs for filling up the vacancies.


In recruitment, the HR team needs the employees only to fill the current positions. So, they will recruit employees only for low cadre positions.

Talent Acquisition is quite opposite to Recruitment and it recruits employees for top level executives, officials, etc.,

Pay Level

The employees who are being recruited as per the recruitment policies will get comparatively low salaries than the employees who are recruited with great focus on their talent.

So, employees who are recruited in terms of talent acquisition may get higher salaries.

Concentration On the Recruiting Process

The recruitment process may not have much concentration on selecting the employees as they need only to fill up the current vacancies irrespective of their talents and skills.

While the employees are recruited as per talent acquisition, the HR team gives huge concentration in the recruitment process and each and every procedures and process in the recruitment are being monitored carefully.

Efficiency of the Employees

People who are being joined in the company as per recruitment will not have acquired much efficiency in their work.

Whereas, the employees who are being recruited as per following the process of talent acquisition will have greater efficiency in doing their work.  So, they will help the Organisation to a greater extent.


If a company ABC, is in need for 10 operators for handling a machine. As well as, they also need employees for performing the production work in their new branch of their industry.  They will need lump-sum of employees for performing all those tasks. So, they will reach out to their HR team and asks for finding and filling up the candidates for all those vacant positions. This is known as Recruitment. In this process of doing work, they do not need any particular skill which should be possessed by their employees. Because, all these works do not require any sort of skill to perform.

Likewise, the same company ABC also requires Finance Manager and the production manager to monitor the financial transactions and the production performance of the employees respectively. So, for this purpose, the HR team may follow certain principles and rules to recruit the employees.  They try to recruit employees who possess more skills while comparing to others.  They also take more time to fill the vacancies. Because, those people who are employed in those position may require high knowledge and skill and the company needs them for a long run. So, this type of recruitment is known as Talent Acquisition.

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