What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

What is RPO?

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a technique which is being widely used in the Organisation to recruit the employees not with the help of HR department staffs, but with an outsourcing company who helps in recruiting the qualified employees for filling up the vacancies in the Organisation. They are the providers of human resources to the Organisation. They are also responsible for the permanent recruitment by the company. It is a part of Business Process Outsourcing. It is often known as the workforce solution firm.


The Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm may recruit the employees by following the given process:

  • Agreement
  • Defining the nature of Job
  • Discussing about the Job description and Job Specification
  • Recruiting the qualified employees

1. Agreement:

The first procedure in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the agreement. The agreement should be made between the employer and the recruitment process outsourcing firm. The agreement may contain all details relating to the period of the project i.e., the period for recruiting the candidates, the cost given to the outsourcers for the recruitments they have made and all other important terms relating to the recruitment process.

2. Defining the nature of Job:

After the agreement is being made, the HR team of the Organisation may define the nature of the job in the Organisation that is in vacant positions.  The RPO firm may take actions and steps as per the nature of the Job. They have well versed knowledge in recruiting the highly qualified employees. This RPO may help the Organisation when they are in need of recruiting employees based on talent acquisition.

3. Discussing about the Job Description and Job Specification:

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm may also need more information regarding the job. So, the HR team and the Outsourcers may have a discussion on defining the Job Description and the Job Specification. Because, it is very important for the outsourcers to recruit the employees as per the Organisation’s need.

The Job Description may include the name of the job, salary, a complete outline about the work and so on. As well as, the Job Specification may include the qualification that should be possessed by the employees. So, the RPO firms may need a clear vision about recruiting the right employees for the right job.

4. Recruiting the Qualified Employees:

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm may commence the process of recruitment after they get a clear idea about the recruitment of employees they are going to make. The RPO firms may know that what kind of employees can be recruited from which place i.e., the platform. It may be of advertisements, social media posts and likewise. So, after deciding the platform they may engage in actively recruiting employees based on the nature of the job.

The RPO firms may have highly talented professionals for performing all these types of works. So they will recruit employees who exactly match the need of the Organisations. After recruiting the qualified employees, the RPO firm may make the employees to reach out to the Organisation for further proceedings.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Firm

Every Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm has various duties and responsibilities to be performed which are as given below:

  • To recruit highly talented employees based on the requirements of the company.
  • To help the company in reducing their stress for recruiting the qualified employees.
  • To reduce the work burden of HR team in an Organisation in the process of recruiting employees.
  • To frame a perfect recruitment strategies to hire employees into an Organisation.
  • To have a well organised and highly qualified team to involve in the process of recruitment.
  • To make use of the latest technology and to have innovative solutions to every problem that is being raised in the recruitment process.
  • To have through analysis of the market conditions and the need of the Organisation. By analysing these things, the RPO firm has to fill the gap between the demand and supply of the Human resources.

Models of RPO

The RPO providers may provide their services in the following 4 models:

  • Long term provider
  • Short term provider
  • Consulting service provider
  • Limited RPO
Long Term Provider

The RPO firm which follows this model will provide the Organization, complete recruitment strategies and recruit the employees for a longer period. Some Organisation may reach out to the RPO firms in the initial stage of their incorporation itself. From that period onwards, the RPO firms may take the responsibility to recruit the qualified employees for the Organisation for a longer run.

Short Term Provider

The RPO firms who provide service based on the short term provider will offer the service to their customers i.e., the Organisation for a shorter span of time. For example, an Organisation may approach the RPO firm to recruit trainers to provide training for the newly installed machinery. At that time, the RPO firm may find and recruit qualified trainers for giving training to the employees. So, after recruiting the trainers the job of RPO firm gets completed. This type of recruiting by RPO firm is the short term provider.

Consulting Service Provider

In this model, the RPO firm may provide the consulting services regarding the recruitment process of the Organisation. They may provide the Organisation HR strategies and policies to be followed during the recruitment process.

Limited RPO

This kind of RPO model may refer to providing services only to a limited period of time or for limited for services alone i.e., for recruitment procedures or for framing recruitment policies and strategies likewise. This is one of the effective models as this model provides only limited service; they provide it with high quality. So that the Organisation may be highly benefitted from this model.

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