What are the 5 stages of the Recruitment Process?

The Recruitment Process

Recruitment refers to the process in which the Organization undertakes step to find new employees for the vacant positions in their Organization. They usually make this process happened with the help of the Human Resource Department.

According to Edwin Flippo, “Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for the jobs in the Organization”.

The Recruitment process is considered to be one of the difficult processes in HR. The HR department is itself relies on the employees. So, it is the duty of the HR department to recruit the right employees for the right job. Let us discuss the 5 stages of the recruitment process below:

Recruitment Planning

The first and foremost stage of recruitment process is the recruitment planning. Every functions of an Organisation are planned first and then the necessary actions are takes. Likewise, even in the recruitment, it is necessary to have a proper planning regarding the recruitment. Every Organisation may have different policies and terms for recruiting the candidates. So, keeping that on mind, the recruitment planning has to be made. 

The major factor that is involved in the recruitment planning is the number of vacancies that are being in the company, the number of candidates to be filled for those vacant positions and also the nature of the vacant positions. After finding out the number of vacant positions, the HR department must make sure about the nature of the vacant jobs.  

Defining The Job Description

Job Description means the detailed description about the job. It includes the nature of the job, duties and responsibilities of the employees, qualifications required for the job, Job titles, salary, compensation and other benefits. The recruitment process could be a fulfilled one, only if the job description is properly prepared.

The candidates may decide to join in the Organisation only if they are satisfied with the Job Description. It also helps the Organisation to eliminate the ineligible candidates to apply for the jobs. It makes their selection process much easier. It is the duty of the Organisation to clearly define about the job.

After defining the job description, they should also have a deep discussion about the sources of recruitment. There are two sources of recruitment namely, internal sources and external sources.

The internal sources refer to the recruitments which are being made within the Organisation. In simpler terms, it can be said that the vacant positions are filled by the employees who are working in the Organisation itself. It may done in the form of giving promotion, transfers, employee referrals, etc.,

The external sources refer to the recruitments which are being outside the Organisation. It means the employees are recruited from outside the Organisation. It can be done by recruitment agencies, campus drive, advertisement, job fairs, etc.,

Inviting The Applications

Once the sources of recruitment have been decided, the HR department of the Organization should be ready to invite the applications from the candidates. For that, the Organization must advertise about the vacancies in the Organization. The desired candidate may send their applications along with their resumes. Now, the process of recruitment becomes much more complex in this stage. It is because; the Organization may not be assured that they will receive only the exact number of applications for the required vacancies.

There will be more number of applications from the candidates. So, the Organization must be very much careful in selecting the candidates. The HR team will thoroughly analyze all the applications and the resumes of the candidates. They should be much conscious that they should recruit the employees who are highly suitable for the required vacancies. They will select the candidate’s application only if their resume matches with the job description given by the Organization.

Interviewing the Candidates

The recruitment process moves to the next stage of interviewing the candidates those who are considered as eligible for the vacant positions. The interview may be conducted in the convenient form of the Organization. But the most effective way of conducting an interview is the face to face interview. 

The face to face interview will help the HR managers to know the exact mentality of the candidates. It adds some additional confidence to the HR’s that they are going to select only the eligible candidates for their Organization. The interview may be a structured one or an unstructured interview. Structured interview refers to those interviews which are being organized earlier itself.

They have a proper set of questions which are to be asked in the interviews, the timing for answering those questions and everything in the interview will be organized in a perfect manner. Whereas, the unstructured interview is quite inverse to the structured interview.

They do not have any proper set of questions to be asked, there will be no time limits for answering those questions and so on. Likewise, the questions may also be asked relating to the nature of their job. Sometimes, the questions may be of common questions which are irrelevant to their jobs. The candidates must be well prepared for any sort of questions.

Selection of the Candidates

After the Interview gets over, the HR may come to a conclusion of selecting the candidates. Those candidates who attended the interview in the correct manner will be selected for the job. After the selection of the candidates, the Organization may provide the Acceptance letter to those candidates who are being selected.

The Acceptance letter may include the time and date of joining in the Organization. After the candidates are being employed, the Organization may provide adequate training to the candidates to become well versed about the nature of the job.

 In some Organization, they may also provide the Orientation programme for the newly appointed employees to provide a better working environment to the employees. The Orientation programme will help the employees to know about the work environment of the Organization.

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